Sonova Software

For half a century, Parks has set the standard for vascular testing software.  SonovaE, the program that runs our current generation of Flo-Labs, continues that leadership. SonovaE represents a natural evolution in the development of vascular software, but its features and capabilities are anything but ordinary

Engineered for the Real World

SonovaE has been designed from the ground up with the vascular technologist in mind, bringing a host of changes and new capabilities that make your job easier.  

Major advances are apparent immediately when you see 

SonovaE,  from the intuitive user interface to customizable test sequences to graphical patient reports.  But it’s the dozens of subtle features that really make the difference in getting your job done.  You’ll truly appreciate the small touches that have gone into SonovaE when you use the program day to day.  

Your Studies, Done Your Way

SonovaE’s Custom Sequence feature brings a new level of customization and efficiency to your vascular testing.  It lets you define exactly the order of data acquisition, with the power to jump between different tests.  Any sequence can be built with a fast, one-time setup, then called up to use at any time.  Each technologist using the system can have a stored set of test sequences, or standardized tests for your lab can be developed to ensure consistent testing from day to day.

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