Parks Commitment

For the last five decades Parks has remained committed to it's customers by providing the highest quality vascular system at the lowest price.  The Parks Flo-Lab series is known for it's high Doppler sensitivity and product longevity.  It is no secrete that in large part our success as an industry leader comes from repeat business and good referrals not brochures and mailers.


At Parks we believe the product should sell itself and the last 30 years of Flo-Lab sales has proven this true. Many competitors have come and gone over that time frame and yet Parks remains the gold standard.  New products will appear from year to year trying to redeifine physiologic testing but without fail quality, customer support and reliability wins out.


Parks Commitment also reflected by its long standing policy of


  • Free loaners for life


  • Free software upgrades for life


  • Model longevity  (low turnover from model to model)



Most companies will introduce new models year after year making older models obsolete.  There is nothing particularly wrong with that.  Companies have to stay profitable.. but that is not the Parks way.  Commitment to long term relationships with it's customer base is the Parks Way!  Over the last five decades the Flo-Lab has evolved from the 2016 to the 2017 to the 2014 to the 2100 and finally the 2100SX.  Well that is about one model per decade.  All during that time Flo-Lab users have moved effortlessly from one model to the next "without missing a beat".


Repeat Business is our best customer