Tops in Testing Capabilities


Parks Flo-Lab is the noninvasive vascular system that provides

exactly what you need for optimum patient care and efficient

operation.  The Flo-Lab outpaces the competition where it really

matters — Doppler sensitivity, product reliability, 

and usability.


Parks systems are engineered for the best performance possi-

ble, using Doppler technology we invented over fifty years ago

and have continuously improved.  Flo-Lab performs a full range

of lower arterial, upper arterial, and venous studies, providing

complete vascular diagnostic services for your patients.


Better Studies in Less Time


Parks customers know that the choice of a vascular system

should be based on the most difficult patients—where the

Flo-Lab’s unmatched sensitivity results in better diagnosis.

Every Flo-Lab feature has been designed to help you focus on

performing faster studies on all of your patients, even those

with severe disease.  You’ll immediately appreciate the combi-

nation of the Parks Doppler—the most accurate in the

world—and the most flexible, user-friendly interface of any

vascular system.


Easiest to Use


The Parks Windows-based SonovaE software is a quantum leap

beyond any other vascular diagnostic software.  Engineered for

the real world, it streamlines every step of testing and gives

you instant access to all your patient studies.


Sonova is designed to be the most intuitive, easy-to-use soft-

ware for vascular testing.  Even if you have never used a Flo-Lab,

you can start doing patient studies with SonovaE right

away.  All SonovaE functions can be performed using the trackball,

keyboard, wireless remote, or optional touchscreen monitor.


Flexible and Configurable for the Way You Work


Though the Flo-Lab is by far the easiest vascular system to

use, it’s not a one-size-fits-all system with a limited set of stan-

dard protocols.  The Flo-Lab and SonovaE give you full control

over advanced capabilities that will save you hours in the long

run.  Custom protocols and examination reports benefit your

patients with fast, accurate diagnosis, and mean you’ll spend

less time performing exams and preparing output.

Open Data Access and Networking


Networking and data integration are the future of hospital and

laboratory information technology—and the Flo-Lab is poised

to fit perfectly into this environment.  Through the power of

Sonova software,the Flo-Lab provides complete networking

capabilities for any clinical environment, from the small lab to the

multi-facility hospital system.The flexibility of the Flo-Lab goes

far beyond the examination room.


Service for the Long Run


The system you choose is only as good as the company that

stands behind it.  Parks’  Doppler sensitivity and diagnostic per-

formance made us a leader in the business; our reputation for

customer support and service is why we’ve stayed there.

Dependable, trouble-free service is your number one require-

ment, and it’s our top priority.